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Individual and couple relationship education and counseling

PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Enrichment Program

Develop a better understanding about what you expect from a successful, happy and rewarding relationship.

Explore your relationship strengths and growth areas, learn assertiveness and active listening skills and learn how to resolve conflict.

Discuss Family-of-Origin and how to cope better with stress.

Focus on personal, couple and family goals.

The Prepare-Enrich program has the following objectives:

1. To explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas

2. To learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills

3. To learn how to resolve conflict

4. To help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin

5. To help the couple cope better with stressors

6. To focus on personal, couple and family goals

Suitable for any relationship, at any stage of your relationship. 

Prepare-Enrich is customised to your relationship, and cover the following types of relationships: 

  • PREPARE - for premarital couples 
  • PREPARE - for cohabiting premarital couples 
  • PREPARE PARENTING Version - for couples with children
  • ENRICH - for married couples 
  • ENRICH - for couples over the age of 50

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